Cambridge CADASIL Meetings 



CADASIL meetings have occured annually in Cambridge since 2017 and are aimed at CADASIL patients, families and carers.

Meetings are free and open to all, providing an opportunity for those affected by CADASIL to come together and enjoy a variety of talks from leading CADASIL experts and those with firsthand experience. 


Overviews of meetings from previous years can be found on the left under the tab 'Cambridge CADASIL meetings'. 



Cambridge CADASIL Meeting 2020


We are extremely sorry to announce that the Cambridge CADASIL Meeting 2020 scheduled for Tuesday 9th June will be cancelled.

Given the current circumstances we have to consider the safety and wellbeing of our attendees and staff above all else. 
Unfortunately, this means that the meeting will not be possible for June. 

We are looking to reschedule for the Autumn when we hope the situation in the UK will have progressed and improved. More information will be sent out regarding the new date as it becomes available to us. 

Once again, we are very sorry to be cancelling.