Young Lacunar Stroke DNA Resource


Lacunar stroke accounts for 20% of ischaemic stroke and the underlying vascular abnormality, cerebral small vessel disease, is now recognised as the main cause of vascular cognitive impairment and dementia.  Despite its importance we understand relatively little about what causes this disease.  However epidemiological data suggests genetic predisposition is important. 


The UK Young Lacunar Stroke DNA Resource was funded by a Wellcome Trust Functional Genomics grant.  1,029 cases of lacunar stroke with onset ≤ 70 years were collected from 70 centres in the UK.  A full list of recruiting centres can be found here.


2,000 population controls were also collected from 4 centres in the UK (Aberdeen, Cambridge, Nottingham, St George’s London).


DNA suitable for cell line creation is stored at ECCAC.  This is available for use by interested researchers.  If you are interested in utilising this resource please contact Hugh Markus, email: .


Research projects arising from the Young Lacunar Stroke DNA Resource can be found here.


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