Cambridge CADASIL Meeting 2024

The Cambridge CADASIL Meeting took place in person on Thursday 22nd February 2024 at the Clifford Allbutt Building, Cambridge, UK. Programme available here!


After a year away the CADASIL Meeting returned on the 22nd February both in person and online!


In the morning Professor Markus shared an introduction to CADASIL and some exciting CADASIL research updates from Cambridge and around the world! We also heard from Glenn Bate who spoke to us about CADASIL Support UK. 


The first afternoon session was focused on learning more about ongoing research projects in the Cambridge group. We heard from Dr. Alexa McDonald who spoke about her research, which aims to model CADASIL in a dish. The session was closed by PhD Student Amy Jolly, who shared some of her research looking at cognition, depression and fatigue in CADASIL and how they interact. After a quick coffee break we heard two wonderful talks from those with firsthand experience of CADASIL. We first heard Sophie Jones share an inspirational talk about her experience of CADASIL, followed by an insightful talk from Jane Mellon who spoke to us about her experience of having a baby using pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and IVF in CADASIL.


If you couldn't make this year's meeting, you can catch up on all the talks below!


Morning Session 1

1. Introduction to CADASIL- Professor Hugh Markus

2. Research Advances in CADASIL- Professor Hugh Markus

3. CADASIL Support UK - Glenn Bate


Afternoon Session 1

3. Modelling CADASIL in a dish, towards new treatments - Dr Alessandra Granata

4. Fatigue, Cognitive Impairment and Depression in CADASIL and their inter-relationships - Amy Jolly


Afternoon Session 2

5. CADASIL and me - Sophie Jones

6. Having a baby: My experience of PGD and IVF in CADASIL - Jane Mellon