Wellness in CADASIL by Glenn Bate

Glenn Bate is administrator for the charity CADASIL Support UK. 

At the Cambridge CADASIL Meeting 2019, Glenn gave a brilliant talk about his own experience of CADASIL and his personal journey to keeping well. 


New European Academy of Neurology Guidelines 

Professor Hugh Markus talking about the new European Academy of Neurology consensus recommendations on management of monogenic cerebral small vessel disease. This included guidance on diagnosis and management of CADASIL. 


Small Vessel Disease, CADASIL and Vascular Dementia

Professor Hugh Markus talking about CADASIL and other diseases of the small blood vessels of the brain.


Just a thought: Positive Thinking in CADASIL - Sophie Jones

Sophie Jones gave a very inspirational talk with advice on practical ways to tackle negative thoughts in CADASIL.


Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis in CADASL - Dr Heather Pierce

Dr Heather Pierce is a Principal Genetic Counsellor at the Clinical Genetics Service at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, here in Cambridge. Heather gave an extremely informative talk on the process of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis in CADASIL.



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