Imaging Data


Prediction of risk using MRI markers in cerebral small vessel disease.

Markus, H., Amin Al Olama, A., Wason, J., Tuladhar, A. M., van Leijsen, E., Koini, M., Hofer, E., et al. (2020). Research data supporting "A simple MRI scores aids prediction of dementia in cerebral small vessel disease".


Data from the three studies used in analysis in this paper. The three studies are SCANS, RUN DMC and ASPS. The dataset is the pooled dataset used to look at prediction of dementia using the simple MRI score and the amended MRI score. Fields are: Age-years Gender Dementia during follow-up - 1=dementia Years of education EF= Executive function PS= Processing speed Global=global cognitive score Diabetes mellitus - 1=yes smoking Hypertension 1=yes hypercholesterolaemia-1=yes Number of lacunes- zero or more than zero Fazekas white matter hyperintensity category Study data originated from -SCANS-RUN DMC ASPS Study1- differentiates which ASPS dataset data came from SVD simple score SVD amended score Fazekas score Lacune count CMB count.


Data from the above paper is available via the following link.