Online Cambridge CADASIL Meeting 2021

The fifth Cambridge CADASIL Meeting was held on Tuesday 21st September 2021. For the second year running it was held online due to COVID restrictions. The good news is that this meant that CADASIL patients and families were able to join us from around the world!


The first two talks were given by Professor Hugh Markus, who gave an introduction to CADASIL and then spoke about the key advances in CADASIL research from the CADASIL research group at Cambridge and across the globe. 

We then had a wonderful guest talk from Alexa McDonald, who is a Clinical Psychologist in the Neuropsychology Department at Addenbrooke's Hospital. Alexa gave an informative talk about the cognitive and behavioural difficulties that can sometimes arise in CADASIL, as well as incredibly useful strategies for coping with these problems. 

Finally, we heard a brilliantly received talk from CADASIL Support UK trustee Glenn Bates, who shared the history of CADASIL Support UK and the fantastic work that the charity does. 


Video recordings of the talks can be found below: 


Advances in CADASIL Research (2021)- Professor Hugh Markus

CADASIL: Cognition and Behaviour- Alexa McDonald

The Work and History of CADASIL Support UK- Glenn Bate



We hope you enjoyed the meeting and look forward to welcoming you back next year.