CADASIL Meeting 2022


On Thursday 3rd November 2022, we held our first in-person meeting since 2019 and our first ever hybrid meeting- this meant that we were joined in-person at Cambridge and all over the globe on Zoom!


In the morning Professor Markus shared some exciting CADASIL research updates from Cambridge and around the world! We then heard from Claudia Pallucca who shared some of her PhD research assessing apathy after stroke and Dr. Alessandra Granata who spoke to us about her work modelling CADASIL in a dish.

After an incredible morning of talks, we paused for lunch and a chance to get to know one another.


The afternoon session was focused on learning more about clinical aspects of CADASIL. We heard from Dr. Heather Pierce who spoke about genetic testing in CADASIL and the impact on families and Dr. Alexa McDonald who spoke about the impact and management of apathy in CADASIL. The session was closed by PhD Student Amy Jolly, who shared some of her research looking at fatigue in CADASIL and how fatigue can be managed. After a quick coffee break we heard a wonderful talk by CADASIL Support UK Trustee Glenn Bate, who shared his experience of mental health in CADASIL 


If you couldn't make this year's meeting, you can catch up on all the talks below!

Morning Session 1

1. Introduction to CADASIL: What is CADASIL? Professor Hugh Markus

2. Advances in CADASIL Research, Professor Hugh Markus

3. Modelling CADASIL in a Dish, Dr Alessandra Granata

4. Apathy afer Stroke, Claudia Pallucca 


Afternoon Session 1

5.Genetic Testing for CADASIL: Family Matters, Dr. Heather Pierce 

6. Apathy: Impact and Management, Dr Alexa McDonald 

7. Fatigue in CADASIL: What is fatigue and how can it be managed? Amy Jolly


Afternoon Session 2

8. Mental Health in CADASIL, Glenn Bate