Cambridge CADASIL meeting 2018


In June 2018, we hosted the second annual Cambridge CADASIL meeting. This meeting featured guest speaker Dr Saska Lesnik Oberstein from the Netherlands, who gave a brilliant talk on gene therapy and it's application to CADASIL. The full report from the event can be found here


Slides from each of the talks can be downloaded below: 

Introduction to CADASIL - Hugh Markus

The importance of well-being in CADASIL - Glenn Bate

Prenatal testing and insurance - Heather Pierce

Developing a telemedicine service for CADASIL - Jessica Walsh

Will gene therapy ever help CADASIL? - Saskia Lesnik Oberstein

Leaky blood vessels in CADASIL - Jessica Walsh

Understanding the variability in CADASIL - Hayley Edwards

How can stem cells help us understand stroke? - Will Bernard

UK patient support group - Karen Carter


We had excellent feedback on the day, with 100% of attendees indicating they were somewhat to very satisfied with the meeting and 92% saying they would definitely like to come back next year! We are very grateful to all of our speakers, particularly Dr Saskia Lesnik Oberstein, for taking the time to present at the meeting.