Cambridge CADASIL meeting 2017


In June 2017, we hosted our first Cambridge CADASIL meeting for patients, families and carers. We had over 100 people (and 1 dog!) in attendance. A full report from the day can be found here


Slides for each of the talks can be downloaded below: 

What is CADASIL? What are the symptoms and treatments? - Hugh Markus

What recent research advances have there been? - Hugh Markus

Symptom spotlight: encephalopathy in CADASIL - Anna Drazyk

Leaky blood vessels in CADASIL - Jessica Walsh

Human stem cells to model stroke and to test new treatments - Alex Granata


We were thrilled by the incredible response to the event and decided to make the Cambridge CADASIL meeting an annual event to give patients, families and carers a chance to meet one another and hear about both the clinical aspects of CADSASIL and the ongoing research advances.